I Am a Stranger Here Myself
The new memoir by Debra Gwartney

Winner of the 2018 Riverteeth Nonfiction Prize

An exploration of what it means to be a Woman of the West, then and now

Winner of the 2018 Riverteeth Nonfiction Prize

“I’ve got a lot of respect for a gun. And, besides, I’m a stranger here myself.”

–Sterling Hayden in Johnny Guitar, 1954

“This then, I thought, as I looked round about me, is the representation of history. It requires a falsification of perspective. We, the survivors, see everything from above, see everything at once, and still we do not know how it was.”

–W.G. Sebald

Advanced Praise for
I Am a Stranger Here Myself

“’We are at times hardwired by our own histories to act in ways we spend the rest of our lives desperately untangling,’ writes Debra Gwartney in this meditation on home, family, and loyalty. She has always found herself the odd one out in her family of conservative Idahoans, questioning what they take on faith. In her stubbornness to both love her people and demand the truth, she embodies the determination and fortitude we expect of a woman of the West.”

— Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award finalist, author of American Salvage and Once Upon a River


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